2012 Protein Powder – Selecting the Finest

If you are on the market for the finest protein powder of 2012, you have many to select from. Regardless if you shop for stuff over the Internet or at local stores that offer supplements, you can see that there are tons of brands of protein powder available. Determining which one is the greatest for you, takes a bit of studying and within this article we will be providing information about the major brands and what they are able to offer you. Also, in case you’re interested, you should definitely check out Shakeology I love it. Read this Shakeology review for more information.

If you’re looking for a high quality protein powder that’s not only good for building muscle, but that’s good for you in every way, Garden of Life RAW Protein might be just the product for you. Garden of Life is a company that makes a variety of supplements, and focuses on using all natural and raw foods. Their RAW Protein is no exception, and this has ingredients you won’t find in most other protein powders, such as raw sprouts, beans, grains and seeds. This product is completely plant based, so it’s suitable if you’re trying to avoid dairy products. Nor does it contain any soy, which many people are also sensitive to and that has some health risks of its own. RAW Protein also has probiotics to help with digestion, and healthy greens such as chlorella, so this is definitely one of the healthiest protein supplements you can find.

Casein protein has a slower absorption rate compared to other proteins like whey, and is found in the product, Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Casein Protein. It offers benefits to you long after you take it. Some bodybuilders who want to get the 100% Casein Protein also contains glutamine and other essential amino acids that are useful for building muscle. Several great tasting flavors such as vanilla, banana and chocolate peanut butter are available in this protein powder.

Any protein powder you buy has to be mixed in something, and you need to decide what. This is actually a fairly important consideration, because there’s a big difference between mixing protein powder with whole milk, low-fat milk, juice, water or some other beverage. If you are taking the drink to lose weight, you don’t want to put it in something that will add calories or sugar. Think about why you are taking the protein powder, and you will narrow down your drink choices. Gaining weight, if that is your goal, will be a lot easier if you decide to use organic whole milk. Most people taking protein powder probably want to lose weight, so just using water would be their best choice.

There are so many protein powders here in 2012 that it is even hard to pick a couple to even look at. Since there is nothing that all people agree on, there isn’t much chance that everyone would make a decision to use the same protein powder. Whether your main goal is improving endurance, losing fat, or putting on muscle, the consumption of calories will need to be factored in. Lastly, don’t forget to read this article on a Shakeology scam warning.