Burn Thigh Fat Now- Fast, Simple and Effective Exercises to Tone Your Thighs

If you’ve been wanting to rid your thighs of fat, you may be unaware that to do this successfully you must to target several major muscle groups; the quadriceps, hamstrings, abductors and adductors. The following workout tests all of these and each exercise activates multiple muscles groups, delivering a specifically designed strategy that gets results rapidly.

Squats with Lateral Lower leg Raises
<br>Bending at the knees, lower yourself whenever you would to perform one simple squat, but as you return up extend one straightened leg out aside at a right angle to your body. For an intense fat burner, perform sets working the same leg on every squat before switching on the other leg. This combines the different toning benefits of squatting with those of lateral lower leg raises. The latter work that abductors (the muscles on the outside of the thigh) which are often neglected and become some sort of potential site for body fat storage.

Sumo Squats
<br>Another variation on the basic squat, this time working the inner thigh muscles which are generally underused. Perform a basic squat moving your legs a bit further apart than people normally would and turning your feet outwards. This small modification transforms an effective exercise into one that works more muscles, tones and burns fat for a much higher rate.

Wandering Lunges
<br>Great for achieving real definition between the bum and thigh, lunges job the quads, glutes and hamstrings for a triple fat burning attack. Moving forward as you lunge does mean you’ll cover more floor, achieving a greater aerobic workout from the exercise. This crucial mix of resistance and aerobic training burns fat for a much faster rate than either aspect in isolation, so is ideal in terms of time efficiency.

Plyometric Alternating Lunges
<br>A useful development with the lunge, this develops power in the major thigh muscles, burning fat as well. Once confidence and strength has been built in the above exercise, adding a power element to it proves extremely effective for fat loss. From a lunging position, jump so that you land lunging in the other leg. This is a challenging move and capacity to perform it ought to be built up gradually. It’s worthy persevering with though as it quickly encourages the formation of muscle mass tissue which uses energy at a much higher rate than fat.

<br>To lose fat from the thighs, the different major muscles must end up targeted, or problem areas will remain. By incorporating the exercises detailed above into ones regime, you will guarantee yourself a complete workout for the thighs, which tones, strengthens and burns fat fast.

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