Treadmills Overview: Landice L7 LTD Club Cardio Trainer

For dedicated exercisers, the superiority of their gear is critical. Not only will employing fittingly built and maintained fitness equipment like treadmills, make certain you receive an efficient workout, in addition to that, it helps to reduce the likelihood of bodily harm. In addition, inexpensive machines tend to require more maintenance, and are more likely to malfunction, which can lead to expensive repair bills. If meet head-on with these sort of bills, some people who own low costing machines merely obtain a second one, and this simply keeps the cycle going on and on. Wouldn’t it be wiser to invest in a premium quality treadmill that will give years of trouble-free service with only minimal maintenance? Here’s some information about just such a machine: the Landice L7 LTD club cardio trainer.

Treadmills: Chief Components of the Landice L7 LTD Club Cardio Trainer

Anticipate spending £4800, to obtain a machine that is constructed for commercial sites for enthusiastic home exercisers. Since the LTD model is intended for light commercial utilisation, it will surely be perfect for household application also. This is a favourite model in the Landis collection which is used in homes, hotels, corporate settings, rehabilitation centres, condominiums, health clubs and gyms. The L7 features a colour, dot-matrix console display that provides important feedback during a workout. There is a good range of inbuilt programmes, along with the capability to create user-defined programmes. One of the other major aspects is that the machine has an incorporated wireless interactive heart rate control system. This specific Landice model utilises a strong 3HP motor which is rated for continuous duty. This treadmill provides a 5 year commercial warranty, 5 years on parts and 1 year on labour.

Treadmills: More About the Landice L7 LTD Club Cardio Trainer

The treadmill contains a built-in security lanyard and key that the exerciser keeps on all through the workout. If the user falls, or merely has to stop the machine fast, it is an effortless issue to turn off the magnetic key. Shock absorption is a critical factor to contemplate if you’re looking around for treadmills. Example, this Landice model includes a VFX shock absorption system that feels softer than running or walking on grass. Therefore, you don’t have as much of an issue with pressure damage to the joints and bones. The flywheel is an important element of the treadmill, and the Landice model employs a high-inertia cast flywheel which safeguards the electronics and the motor against spikes that result from your feet smacking the belt and deck.

Treadmills: Further Highlights of the L7 Cardio Trainer

The trainer includes a 4-ply belt, an wireless heart rate monitor, and a powered incline. It includes a deck that is 1″ thick and reversible to cut down on wear to one side and the steel rollers are, individually, 2.5″ in diameter, plus they weigh in at 14lbs. It includes a handy reading/accessory rack, along with a corrosion and rust proof aluminium frame. The aluminium frame makes it easier to move the machine. The speed range of the treadmill is 0.5 – 11mph, in addition, its incline alters from 0% – 15%. The machine will hold a 400lb maximum user weight, it weighs 300lbs alone.

High-grade treadmills like the Landice L7 can be expected to have a long and trouble-free life.