How to Make the Best Brussels Sprouts Side Dishes

Article written by Taste for health

Love them or loathe them. It’s rare to find people who sit on the fence when it comes to Brussels sprouts. Julia Platt Leonard shares her favourite ways to serve them

I admit I wasn’t a fan when I was younger. I was part of the “clean your plate” generation and remember the challenge of finding a place to hide sprouts at Christmas dinner. Even my dog, who would normally eat anything, couldn’t be counted on to clean up a “dropped” sprout.

I think part of the problem was that sprouts were a bit of an afterthought. My Mum spent loads of time on the turkey, stuffing and gravy but the sprouts? Why bother. They were a vegetable tick box.

If you didn’t like them, who cared. You weren’t supposed to like them. It would be another 364 days before you had to eat another one, anyway. Besides, without sprouts, the plate was a sea of beige. They were kind of like a parsley garnish.