What is Kratom?

Article  by Sebastian Guthery.

Kratom gets some flak in the United States because there is a misconception about its effects. The plant comes from Southeast Asia, and its in the same family as coffee.

Thousands of users turn to kratom every day to help dull the pains of labor and everyday life. When taken in controlled dosages, the drug can have a euphoric effect and help to numb a user from pain. It’s used frequently to treat a patient after accidents, and it helps recover from many common injuries.

In the US, we use opiate-based painkillers for the same effects. Unfortunately, if users aren’t careful these drugs can really hurt us. Kratom can help offer some of the same effects of pain numbing, without the harmful side effects that come with use. No harmful addictions when the prescription run out, that’s the promise of Kratom. If users follow the dosage schedule, symptoms are mitigated without the problems.

Kratom can also be seen as a way to combat the illegal opioid market that has developed around these drugs. When users run out of opioids, the tightly regulated substances become nearly impossible to find. They may turn to erratic or dangerous behavior to get their next fix.

However, Kratom provides muted effects of the opioid and aren’t as addictive. They don’t really leave you with a burning need to feel good.


About the Author:

Sebastian Guthery is a successful entrepreneur who has launched and runs several businesses.   He has helped introduce kratom to aid in a variety of healing practices.
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